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The Steak House
That Started It All

Here at Shula’s Steak House, we value the little things. Things like freshly polished tableware. The perfect amount of seasoning on a medium-rare steak. Using only the highest quality ingredients. If you’re celebrating, impressing clients, or just in the mood for the best-tasting steak — you’re in good hands. Join us, and experience a legacy of excellence.

Don Shula hoisted by football player
Man holding New York Strip steak on plate

Wine & Dine

Whichever Shula’s you call home, you can expect a curated selection of dishes to fit any taste. View our menu, featuring dry-aged steaks, fine wines, and apps to share. Daydreaming encouraged.

Our Locations

We’re proud to have locations across the United States. Select your local Shula’s Steak House and explore our hand-crafted menus and in-restaurant events.

Orlando Sideline Dining Room