Help us Kick Breast Cancer to the Sidelines.

Around 1 in 8 women in the U.S. will develop invasive breast cancer during their lifetime. That’s 246,660 people receiving a diagnosis every year, or enough to fill 3 sold-out stadiums. This is why we’ve been dedicated to supporting breast cancer research for over 20 years. It’s also why we need your support. 

Founded by Don and Mary Anne Shula, the Shula Fund solely supports Florida’s Top Cancer Hospital – the Moffitt Cancer Center. Moffitt treats more than 1,000 newly diagnosed breast cancer patients each year, and are pioneering life-changing cancer treatments. To date, the Shula Fund has donated over $3 million to the Moffitt Cancer Center, and we want to do more.

The money we raise helps to fund breast cancer care and research throughout Florida and around the world.  Every dollar improves cancer patient outcomes.

The first $3 million has already made a huge difference. Help us keep up the momentum! Let’s kick breast cancer to the sidelines.

NFL Kick Hunger Challenge

Get behind your NFL team, and help Kick Hunger nationwide! The NFL City who raises the most money will win $10,000 for food banks in their team’s city. Will your team come out on top?! Find out how to get involved.